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Beginning the journey of selecting and installing the perfect windows starts here.  Our commitment to you is to make this journey smooth and effortless.

It starts with understanding your unique needs and preferences, whether they lie in the timeless charm of timber, the robust durability of upvc, or the sleek modernity of aluminium. We then guide you through each step, from selection to installation, ensuring the process is effortless and enjoyable. Our dedication to quality and service shines in every pane we fit, and we are confident that by providing your windows, your house will transform into a home.  Choice Windows superior quality and service is just a click away. Let us help create a view you’ll love.

Cost Breakdown


Lets begin with materials, as the materials can be 70%+ of the cost. Styles will vary in cost meaning we will help you tailor the style depending on the scope of your project.  Choosing a different style can help reduce the cost of your windows, yet the quality will remain regardless. If you are eager to gain more knowledge about the material options at Choice Windows, we go into more detail to help with your purchasing journey towards the end of this page.

Just as you have an array of colour options, you can also choose from various obscure glazing options, for example Satin glass has the flexibility for those who wish to enjoy the beauty of natural light permeating their home without opting for fully transparent windows – thereby maintaining the privacy and obstructing direct views into your property.

Since we source our materials from a range of reputable manufacturers, we endeavour to ensure they are of the highest quality for the price of the material. Whom we choose as our material providers reflects on us, and therefore we are only going to source materials from those who have the same philosophy as us; quality before anything else.


As part of our service we offer help and guidance with the materials choices – for example, we can provide experience-based advice for what we believe adds character to your home; ultimately, the decision is entirely yours.  We are driven by ensuring your windows are visually and structurally sound through our FENSA accreditation.

Buyer’s Journey

Every order is personal, so the beginning of each new job starts with the customer. The materials you choose are the catalyst; we are only a call or email away if you need guidance or a free quotation.

It begins with you and the character and style you wish for your home. Before we cover the style, let’s cover colour; whichever colour you desire, we can deliver.

You can provide Choice Windows with the paint colour or RAL number and we can match it along with finishes.

Choice Windows has grown alongside modern technology, choosing windows or doors for your home has just got an upgrade. We understand that windows and doors are more than just a structure – it’s a statement piece that completes the aesthetics.

We have introduced viral design software – an immersive, real-time tool that brings the future of window shopping to your fingertips. This application can superimpose the styles and colours of your potential windows or doors on to your home on a iPad, giving you an excellent, realistic preview of your selected style on your home.

Our approach is to be honest and no-pressure.  Once we have helped you find the perfect combination of colour and style for your home, we then move to the installation phase.

Heritage Windows

Timber vs. UPVC vs. Aluminium

Timber Windows

The timeless elegance of timber windows, a testament to nature. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each timber window offers a unique blend of warmth and style, enhancing the aesthetic allure of your home.

With the ability to paint or stain your desired colour, your timber windows will effortlessly compliment your home, subtly reflecting your unique style and taste.

Concerned about your environmental footprint? Rest easy. Timber windows provide a pathway to luxury that is kind to our planet. Harnessing the renewable resource of wood, our windows are a testament to sustainability. Biodegradable and recyclable, they’re the perfect choice for the conscious customer.

UPVC Windows

Imagine glancing through sleek frames that flawlessly blend with your sophisticated interiors. UPVC windows offer a minimalist aesthetic that effortlessly elevates the charm of your living space. With an array of colours and finishes, including options that mimic the classic appeal of natural wood, these windows serve as an extension of your taste and style, aligning with your home.

For the environmentally mindful, UPVC windows shine with their eco-friendly benefits. Crafted from recyclable materials, they significantly reduce environmental impact, making them popular among modern homeowners who cherish the planet.

Renowned for their outstanding thermal insulation, our windows maintain a pleasant temperature in your home, irrespective of the season. They can reduce energy loss, optimising your home’s energy efficiency and reducing energy bills.

In the domain of durability, UPVC windows stand unchallenged. Their robust structure stands the test of time, ensuring longevity and maintaining their sleek appearance and performance, offering a lasting quality product.

Maintenance? Requiring minimal care, a simple wipe with a damp cloth can keep them looking pristine and new.

UPVC windows marry the best modern design and functionality, offering an elegant, low-maintenance solution for you the homeowner. We redefine UPVC, making it accessible, sustainable, and incredibly stylish. UPVC windows – a testament to modern materials, durability, and energy efficiency.

Heritage Windows

Aluminium Windows

With the sleek, minimalist profiles of Aluminium windows, frame the panoramic views outside and flood your interiors with abundant natural light. Their slender design and larger glass surfaces create a streamlined, modern aesthetic that resonates with your taste. Available in all colours and select finishes, these windows perfectly align with your design, lending your home a touch of bespoke luxury.

For the eco-conscious customer, Aluminium windows stand as a testament to sustainability. Made from recyclable materials, they help reduce your environmental footprint, allowing you to indulge in quality without compromising your eco-commitments.

Engineered with thermal break technology, our windows ensure your interiors remain comfortable throughout the year, mitigating heat loss during winter and preventing heat gain during summer. The result is enhanced energy efficiency and potential savings on your energy bills.

In terms of durability, Aluminium windows offer robust strength and resilience.  This makes them ideal for homes that require large glazed openings along with thermal performance that can lead to a classic or modern look.

When it comes to maintenance, Aluminium windows offer the ultimate convenience. Requiring minimal upkeep, they retain their sleek, high-end appearance with a simple clean for years to come.

In essence, Aluminium windows embody 21st-century luxury, merging cutting-edge design and supreme functionality. Their undeniable aesthetic appeal, unparalleled durability, and superb energy efficiency offer an elevated living experience for the discerning homeowner. Indulge in the luxury of Aluminium windows – where contemporary elegance meets exceptional performance.


Begin Your Journey

The Choice Windows team have worked hard to build up an excellent reputation in Peterborough and surrounding areas. So, feel free to contact us for advice, guidance or a free quotation.