Roman Mill – Grey Aluminium sliding pocket doors

Located in the heart of Stamford town, this stylish stone built home was extended by a local renowned construction company.

The desire for the owners of this house was to create an extension that was sympathetic to the original design, but which allowed them to create an open-plan kitchen with a better connection between the inside and out.

The final design had to find the most efficient floor space and un-obstructive view whilst creating a contemporary feel that met the requirements of the owners.

The end result is a stunning extension with a pitched roof, that cantilevers to create a completely open connection between inside and out. The floating corner design allows for a post-free corner with SUNFLEX UK SVG83 aluminium sliding doors sliding away from the corners to completely open up the corner of the new kitchen and living space.

The sliding doors are designed with three panels either side of the moveable corner post.  Both sides of the sliding door panels slide behind a clever design that has allowed for all panels to slide away from the corner into a pocket behind the external wall, maximising the opening and adding a real ‘wow’ factor.

Pocket sliding doors feature an extended track that is built on the internal side of the outside wall of the extension, with a stud wall then created on the inside of the track to create the pocket, into which the panels slide completely out of view.