Bi-fold doors..Peterborough

Choice is your premium installer of bi-folding and sliding doors in Peterborough.

We specialise in: UPVC Bi-folds | Aluminium Bi-folds

Bi-fold doors give homeowners the opportunity to truly transform their property. At choice we install customised stylish and sophisticated bi-folding doors that can really give your home that "Grand Design" look and feel. These modern doors allow sunlight to flood into your home, breaking down the barriers between the inside and the outside world making rooms appear more spacious.

Top of the range for thermal efficiency our bi-fold doors keep you warm in the winter by preventing heat from escaping your home, helping you to reduce those energy bills. In the summer the doors can be easily swung open to ventilate and cool your property and create that much needed fresh summer ambience.

All our bi-folding and sliding doors come complete with a sophisticated state of the art multi locking system with secure hinges giving you that unprecedented security and peace of mind. All doors are also fitted with finger safe gaskets to remove any little gaps that fingers could be caught in, preventing any nasty finger accidents and making our doors perfectly safe for small children.

Transform your property..